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Koj Phi Phi is such a pretty island.

We arrived after a long travelling sesh 8 hour boat ride, tuk tuk tob the travel shop, waiting around, bus to krabi, another travel shop, big bus to the port and last but not least a boat to phi phi island!!

Anyhows arrived- I really struggled to carry my bag with the sunburn so saz swapped with me so I didnt have to put any weight on my shoulders....I got her wheely bag instead :)

We found a nice sea front bungalow for a good price..our new phi phi home..weather was beautiful! !

First night rule applied- basically means new place we get drunk the first night lol

So we did :) slinkies bar on the beach was the main place everyone ended so course we made an appearance! Met a couple who stayed with us...they were fun! Then met a beautiful guy called sam....wow!

Boat trip- we paid for a day boat trip round the island- maya beach where the film 'THE BEACH' was filmed..monkey island..we saw monkeys lol...snorkelling with lots of colourful fish...& visiting some beautiful beaches. Lovely long day all in all...& the sun was lush..dilly me was syill burned so had to cover up :)

Thai boxing in the ragee ragee bar- normal people could box..crazy buggers kickin the crap out of one another! Me no like thai boxing itd dangerous!

Day 3 on phi phi I was a lickle icky. ..couldnt eat anythin & unfortunately brought up what I gad ate..not good. When it has to come up...it has to come up!

After my stomach was cleared of food I made a rash recision to go get a tatoo....crazy I knows but I really wanted one & at least I wasnt drunk. The girls thought I was mad to be icky 1 min then go get a tatoo the next lol

View point- us girls put out walking shoes on & trecked it to the view point of phi phi..itd basically the evacuation point if theres a sunami. Many steps later bout 1/2 hour we arrived. Totes amazing views!!!

Saz didnt want to continue so went back down to the hotel...me & lou were up for a treck...a bit of exercise. ..soooo we got lost in the phi phi jungle...we did see the funny side tho rather than panic lol we found our way in the end after 2 1/2 hours ahahaha

I love my tatoo...live laugh love....everthing im about..& it has great meaning for my & my long lost trio who ill always love no matter what..unforgettable times with my bb's xxx

Last night at phi phi we decided to go crazy 1 last time...the island was pretty small so we felt very comfortable & safe getting drunk here....the alcohol consumption was alot.

Louise got a pretty tatoo in the same shop as me..sam gave us discount & made commision he he

Sam was defo my holiday romamce...such a nice guy..its a shame he's living on the island :( we said our farewells...sad times :(

On to the next place.. last place in Thailand Phucket...cant believe weve nearly complete Thaiand already!!!

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