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Our campsite at Cottonwood Campground at Gavins Point Dam

View out our front window

North end of old bridge - now a park.

South end of old bridge - Northbound traffic on top - southbound...

Total old bridge - taken from new bridge

New bridge at the state line between South Dakota and Nebraska.

Sunday: 9/22 This was a laid back day with lots of housey chores. We had washed clothes so I had to put them away. Then all of our script meds had been picked up on Wednesday plus I had replenished our OTC vitamins, etc. So I spent almost 1 ½ hours opening new bottles and changing the caps. I write who and when for the dose on the top of the cap so it is easier to just change caps rather than to write new ones. I then filled our meds containers for two weeks. I really like doing it two weeks at a time so I only have to do it ½ as often.

In the afternoon we we to coffee with B&A at their new place. They have a snack bar with drinks, salads, sandwiches and mostly deserts. They have a great indoor patio that overlooks the greenspace in the center of the apartments. Several ducks hatched out their babies there and since the babies couldn't fly, mama duck tapped on the door and when it opened, calmly led her babies thru the lobby and out the front door. Peabody ducks in Memphis Hotel have nothing on this wild mallards.

Monday: 9/23 Get ready to move: Pack up all the trailer ooze, check the maps, and get a good night's sleep.

Tuesday: 9/24 We left at 12:15 after dumping and putting all the cords and hoses away. Went out Hwy 42 – known to locals as 12th street or Hwy 16. Stopped at Wall Lake corner for gas. Then at Stanley Corner we turned south for Hwy 81 and moved to Yankton. Or to be more precise, Cottonwood Campground at Gavin's Point Dam.

It is a pretty place – a cottonwood grove along the Big Mo. We found a place next to the shower house with a view of the river across the road.

Wednesday: 9/25 We didn't do much but check out the new park. About mid morning we were just sitting there minding our own business when we heard a big crack and then a sound like a bunch of lumber was being run over. We looked out and a branch had fallen from high up in a treen and had broken in pieces all over the road in front of our site. We met all of our neighbors very quickly as they all came out to see what happened. One commented on the nice delivery of firewood since it hadn't landed on any of the vehicles parked around it. One guy was about 2 sites away on the road passing by with his brand new bass boat. He stopped and checked that no more would be falling before he would drive under the tree.

Thursday: 9/26 Haircut day! Up and took our showers and then I gave both Ron and myself haircuts. After I shook out the towel, it looked like we had a couple of bunny nests in our yard.

Then Ron tried an experiment of making a total breakfast in the toaster oven. He cooked the bacon on a tray and then cooked the eggs in the same tray. Then he made toast. The toast didn't come out too well because he had had the oven on bake and it needed to cool down to do toast. But he said it tasted good.

Friday: 9/27 We went into Yankton to Bonanza for lunch. We also checked out the old Bridge over the Missouri and checked the route we will use when we leave on Sunday.

We were going to go to the museum but we ate so much at Bonanza that all we could think about was going home for a nap.

Saturday: 9/28 Worst day here – cold wind, rain and the donwannas kept us home today. A couple we met came over in the afternoon to pick our brain about COE campgrounds we had stayed at. We compared routes around Albuquerque and they like ours better. They had been turning south at Santa Rosa but kept going south and had run into some mountains. We turn west on 60 to I-25 and miss all the mountains. This year we will either try a Passport park or will boondock along the way before we hit I-25. That isn't until next week so we will have plenty of time to check it out.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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