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Moose River B&B

the wedding setting

red maple leaves form the red carpet - Marilyn

the view from the back yard

this was across the street - love it!

Helen, pastor, Margo

Barb & Joan read for the couple and us

they danced down the aisle after the ceremony

the happy couple was soon followed by the attendees, dancing

beautiful, tasty cake

making it legal

love this table & chaifs for the detailing

see what I mean?

cutting the cake

Helen feeds Margo

Margo feeds Helen - Helen fears a smear!

peak color and kayakers


deer can be petted, they're so tame!

from the beach in Old Forge

bright yellow boathouse and light

yep - this is right side up!

along the path of the trail

the lock & dam

view before dark

I was lucky enough to be in the area and could attend the wedding ceremony and reception for Helen and Marge. They are friends I met in Carefree. Helen is my Wii bowling partner. I stayed in a motel with Chic & Marilyn and also had the pleasure of seeing Joan & Barb and Karen and Mary (more Carefree friends). The day was beautiful and warm for the end of September; the setting was at the bed & breakfast, owned by gay guys who know how to set things up and pay attention to detail; the wedding officiator performed the ceremony for free -she does that for friends; the food was plentiful and fantastic. Helen and Marge have been together for 28 years and 28 days today. Here's hoping for at least that amount of time again as a legally married couple!

Later, I walked through the village of Old Forge and shopped in the biggest hardware store in the land. It has it all from hardware to sporting goods to clothes, books, gifts, and yarns with knitting and crocheting instructions!

I learned of a nearby hiking trail without excessive hills and went there before sunset. It's called the Lock & Dam trail and it goes for a mile from the Green Bridge to the lock and dam along the Moose River. Boy, I would love to be able to spend the summer here amongst all these lakes and calm rivers so that I could spend much time in a kayak!

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