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leaving Randall Creek CG, South Dakota

Coons on the creek

North Dakota

Dickey County Courthouse, Ellendale ND

gate to go down to the Hambrook barn

Allen standing on the foundation

Allen is 5'6". And this is only the foundation!

View from the hill

Southwest corner of the barn foundation

Can't believe the work it took to build this massive barn

Still have the mouse...I am not sleeping too well. The little rascal is getting more brave as we have moved all food items out of it's reach. It decided to get into the box of Kleenex and shred up tissues...making a nest????? We went through our clothes and sure enough it had packed kleenex and jolly ranchers and werthers in Allen's folded Levi's. GRRRRR! I am out for blood! We stopped and bought some old fashioned Victor mouse traps.Baited it with peanut butter again. Surely he won't get the bait without tripping the good ol' traps.

As we walked around the Randall Creek CG which is right on the Missouri River where they have built a huge dam, I heard an eagle (I have watched so many live webcams of eagles nesting I immediately recognize their call) and Allen spotted it. What a great way to start the day!

We intended to eat breakfast at Pickstown but didn't find anyplace serving breakfast. Also, the visitor's center was closed...only opens between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Really nice building and location but not open this time of year.

We crossed I 90 at noon and I realized we were only 20 miles from Mitchell, SD where Larry Parvin is pastor at Cornerstone Baptist. I didn't have his phone number so we went on. I really wanted to look him up but there was no guarantee he'd be at the church.

Stopped for Chicken fried steak lunch and kept on truckin'. Still haven't caught the mouse in the house. It's getting gun shy of those traps!

Onward towards our first destination...Ellendale, ND. Birthplace of Allen's grandfather, James Gorden Hambrook.

Arrived in Ellendale at 4 pm. Quickly found the courthouse (closes at 4:30) and got some very helpful information on how to locate the homeplace and bought a map.

We found a place to park the Rainbird and unhooked so we could travel easier. Nice little mobile home park that had RV sites....only it's across from a livestock supplement mill and it STUNK to high heaven!!!!

We headed west on hwy 11 about 23 miles and could see the rock foundation of the old barn from the road. We stopped at the landowners home to get permission to walk down to the barn foundation. He was not at home so we parked at the gate and walked .15 mile. There is a huge lake on the place and the barn with the house and a smaller barn stood near the lake. Mark Hambrook, Allen's ggrandfather was postmaster of Albertha PO and the post office was located in their house. All that remains is the foundation of the barn but it was built like a fort with rock and concrete walls about 2 feet thick. Mark & Betsy Olson Hambrook moved to Oklahoma, ROger Mills County in 1905 so the barn has stood there a very long time.

We spent alot of time taking pictures and looking around. Wondering why they ever moved to Oklahoma...the lake was beautiful, soil black and rich.

Back in town we went to the grocery store and bought rotisserie chicken, pasta salad, wheat rolls and went to the camper to eat. Still a terrible stink from the mill, and still no mouse in the traps! Allen hit the sack but I stayed up, determined to get a picture of our little visitor. Didn't take long and he appeared....I screamed (forget the picture) and he disappeared. Not long after that I heard the trap go off GOT HIM! YAY. Finally a good nights sleep!

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