Sharon and Frank 2013 AMTRAK Circumnavigation of Our United States travel blog

At the San Luis Obispo curve passengers get the opportunity to visually appreciate what cars make up the train consist as the tracks curve in almost a ninety degree bend. The curve is quite long and, if you position yourself in the observation car you can see the entire train from the engines all the way to the end of the train. In today's train consists there are no longer those quaint red cabooses so the train simply ends with either an AMTRAK sleeper, coach or a special/private car that has been attached to the normal AMTRAK consist. In our case, train XXX had three special private cars at the end of the train although you could not see the car specifics from the observation car.

In addition to the full length of the train you can also see the detailed countryside and in this case, we were looking eastward over the valley and could see what looked like a herd of deer grazing.

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