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Valley of Blessings and that it was

Welcome Sign to Camp Berachah

Left to right: Vonda/Gary; Debbie/Tom; Mary/Sam; Mary Ellen/Jerry; Dorothy/Rod; Helen/Jim

Left to right: Helen Springs, Debbie, Cindy--Cindy is a regular worker their...

Not sure where we are but posting anyway.

Today we arrived for our second MMAP project here at Camp Berachah. It was a nice camp and we had lots of fun.

While Tom was doing construction Debbie was helping out in the kitchen. They served us lunch/dinner Monday - Friday but it is camp food. Lots of chicken McNuggets, corn dogs, mac and cheese, etc. But on Friday it was a cookout. That is where the families of the campers come to pick up their children who have been at camp all week. So we had hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, baked beans and for desert sherbert. That was nice.

At the end of this project it was the Labor Day Weekend and no campsites are usually open without a reservation so we decided to stay and Tom and Sam will work another week to finish up what they had been working on. So we all left on September 3rd.

Our team leader was: Sam and Mary Tozer, the other couples were: Jerry & Mary Ellen, Rod & Dorothy, Gary and Vonda, and Jim and Helen Spring.

Mileage: 30,442.5 ending 30,575.2

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