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Dover Castle

White Cliffs of Dover

Saturday, September 14

In the middle of the Channel between Le Harve, France and Plymouth, England

50.00.05 N and 003.04.41 W

Up early at 4:30 AM and ordered coffee sitting on Patio and contemplating what really happened yesterday on Black Friday. It was really a Black Friday! All this planning for the last year and a half thrown out the window.

We got up in the morning to a superb breakfast (last ones downstairs) at The Relish - eggs done perfect (Edith says that is how you tell a perfect breakfast), locally made sausage and British Back Bacon with Beans and tomatoes. We then went for a walk to the Leas Cliffs and walk along the cliffs. It had just rained and was about 15C with humidity and to smell the sea- what a great morning. Everyone was going their own way for walks and it was Edith, Denise and I that walked the cliffs and the pathway built in 1784.

We returned to get ready for our taxi and Bob at 11:00. We wanted to get to the ship early so we could walk around and get orientated. We packed up, said our goodbyes to the Relish and Bob drove us to Dover. On the way we made a stop to view Folkestone in the rear and in front the White Cliffs of Dover with the Dover Castle on top of the cliffs. It was overcast and the sea was calm - what a view.

Drove into Dover and unloaded at the ship and started the process of checking in for the cruise. They had asked us to come after 12 noon but we wanted to beat the Rush and we did indeed beat the rush. Moved right through the process with no lineups and boarded in about 20 minutes.

Break time at 4:30 AM - having coffee from Room Service out on the deck with Edith - no stars but can see the lighthouse off of Plymouth. We have a towel wrapped around our legs and smelling the sea air- refreshing.

Once we checked in and came aboard we went to our room which was ready and two out three bags were at the door. My bag was missing and we were afraid that they found the two bottles of booze in the suitcase. Dan and Barb bought us 3 wine pouches to store our booze in. You are not allowed to bring a bottle of booze aboard only 1 bottle of wine each. We bought two bottles of wine in Folkestone for Edith and 6 cans of coke for the rum. In the pouches we have Volka, Rum and Old Baileys - we are prepared! My luggage came later and the booze was still there.

While we were in our room waiting for my suitcase over the PA system they said there going to be changes to the itinerary because of the storm happening in the North Sea and everyone was to go to the Follies Lounge (3 floors) for 3:15 PM for major announcement. We then met everyone upstairs in the Lido Buffet for lunch and there was lots of speculation about what is going to happen.

So at 3:00 we made out way to wait for the announcement. It started off showing the new itinerary 10 days at sea having fun and 2 days in Mexico. Not bad! Then the real itinerary was shown. If we continued we would have to spend 4 days in Stavanger, Norway because of the major storm coming across the North Sea - 15 foot waves and high winds - not fun! So they reversed the direction and dropped Belfast and added Liverpool as our first stop. This was very disappointing as Belfast as we got into the planning was our highlight. It was a full day tour with the Titanic Museum and the Giants Causeway. Now we had to think about contacting everyone of our tours to cancel and move them to another date. Panic! Between Barb and myself we got to everyone and we think we have it looked after. Right now we have to start thinking about Liverpool and what are we going to do. Both my kids say do the Beatles Tour and we might have to do it through the ship - it is a 4 hour tour and we will dropped off after the tour and can then look around Liverpool.

We were also thinking about Doug as they said this storm will be effecting 5 ships in the area. Doug is starting off in Copenhagen and then Oslo and then across the North Sea. He does not board for another 8 hours and he wrote nothing on their web site yet. Maybe we might meet in one of the ports the same day.

After all the news we went to Barb and Dan's room to watch us going out to sea - departing. On their side of the ship were the White Cliffs of Dover and the Dover Castle on top of the cliffs. Great view and of course Barb has the song white Cliffs of Dover playing on her IPad as we sailed past them. Denise and Al viewed the debarkation from the upper deck. A few drinks in the room and on the patio and then is was off to the dining room for supper. Here you can buy bottles of wine - drink what you want and they cork it and take it away till you come back for the next supper. A little cheaper doing it this way rather than by the glass. By the glass is anywhere from $6 to $10 dollars. As we were 8 and because we didn't want to wait for a table of 8 so we settle for 2 booths of 4 next to each other. We sat with Denise and Al and had an excellent 4 course meal. After Dinner it was going on past 9:00 so we were all tired and made our ways to our rooms for an early sleep.

Check out the new Itinerary!

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