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Cheers to Marilyn & Chic

Chic & Marilyn have a nice house on a private lake outside the hamlet of Oxford. Everyone who comes to visit them enjoys themselves and feels very comfortable. We even get a good night's sleep on the very first night here! This picture was a quick one of them clinking their glasses as they do every day at about 5 PM. I realized I had the wrong setting on the camera, so it isn't clear. I'll have to do better next time! This is a good place to recuperate and wind down after my fulltime summer job at UPDE.

I did get to eat dinner with Heidi & Kelly and see how smart and active Cammie is at 1 and 1/2 years old! She calls the cat a dog, saying "Hi dog!" all the time, and loving our reactions to her. She runs around and is just very happy. What a treat!

Friends from Carefree came to visit - Helen and Margo spend their summers up in Old Forge. They are getting married on Sep 28th and invited me to come to the wedding. I think I will!

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