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Harbor seals frolicking in front of our kayak

Paddle boarding

Whale bone (compare size to boot)

Shore walk (where whalebone was seen)

Gabriella (our yoga instructor) does headstand on paddleboard

Captain Marce retrieved a lost oar for a paddleboarder

Denis toured the engine room

What a view for kayakers!

The scenery was always beautiful

Brave souls getting ready for the polar plunge

Ready - set - JUMP!

Spalsh! Water is 40 degrees


Denis & Judy waiting for the sunset

Sunset from the stern of the boat



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Gabriella doing a headstand - perfect form!

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Polar plunge 1

(MP4 - 4.56 MB)

Polar plunge 2

Wed Aug 28; Bright, some clouds, some blue sky 70s

Breakfast: French toast, eggs, and bacon.

Denis, always the techie, toured the engine room and was fascinated. Judy did some stretches with Gabriella, the yoga coach.

Our morning activity was to kayak Fern bay with our energetic and fearless leader, Indie. Young sea lions frolicked in front of our kayaks, then they followed us for a while. One swam under our kayak and gave us quite a bump! We felt honored. There is a lot of kelp floating, we tried not to disturb it. There are many different kinds of jellyfish in these waters, one yellowish one was about a foot wide, and a lot of little blue speckled ones, very pretty. Our 2½-hour trip ended way too soon, I could do this all day. I still can’t believe I am kayaking in Glacier Bay.

Lunch was a turkey wrap, the food is always excellent. Our afternoon trip took us on walk on the beach where the group discovered a whalebone.

Some paddle-boarders bravely circled around the boat. They don’t stray far, for most this is a first time experience. The water is 40 degrees, and in spots 1,000 feet deep! Two have fallen in; one got back up and kept on going. One lost her paddle and the ship captain took a skiff out to retrieve the paddle for the stranded paddler. I give them credit for trying, ‘cause I’m sure not going to do this!

Dinner was Mexican Buffet, tacos etc. Dessert was Tres leche (vanilla caked soaked with coconut & milk). Again, yummy.

Anyone for an after-dinner polar plunge? About a dozen crazy people were game! We were not in that number. But what a hoot! It was the perfect night for it.

What a beautiful clear night! We sat on the aft deck watching stars and saw 4 shooting stars, the big dipper, and the North Star.

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