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Southfork entrance.

Tourist at the front door.

The back yard.

Back patio.

Small swimming pool. Show made it look huge.

Ray Krebbs place on the old Dallas.

Picture of the old cast with the owner of the ranch on...

The ghost of JR.

Where JR was Shot.

Jock Ewing's car.

We took a side trip with Pam and John to see 'Southfork'.

Larry and I were big fans of the original TV Show Dallas. It was a series from 1978 to 1991. I have to confess that we have not been watching the new season. Technology has changed and maybe we can catch up on it before the season starts in January.

The show was never filmed inside the house. Only the outside scenes were filmed at the 'SouthFork' location. The same back patio furniture used in the original show is still there. The pool is small, however the show made it seem big. We toured the house. They had one room set up to resemble the Mexico hotel room where JR was killed last season. The rest of the house still looked 1980ish. It really isn't that big.

It was fun to see.

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