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The Departure Board Frankfurt

Busier than Regina

Our Gate

Our Room Best Western Venice

The flight left Calgary on time with our scheduled arrival in Frankfurt around noon Saturday Sept. 8, the flight was to be approximately 9 hours and the time change between Calgary and Frankfurt is 8 hours, so noon there would be 4:00 am at home.

As we walked on to the plane we passed through the first class cabin, Connie commented, " it looks like they have it good" as their seats fully recline into beds in separate cubicles. We found our seats about mid way back of the plane, we were sitting on the left side over the wing in the window and isle seat. The flight was uneventful, Connie did get to enjoy a little bit of sleep but John was fully awake, not sure if it was the excitement or just the fact it was hard to get comfortable in the seat.

We arrived in Frankfurt on schedule but had to wait 20 minutes on the tarmac as our gate was not ready. Frankfurt is one of the busiest airports in Europe as it is the main hub of operations for Lufthansa Airlines. We got to the terminal, went through passport control and then proceeded to look for our next gate for our flight to Venice. This was a bit of a challenge as there are 6 terminals in this airport. After a significant walk we found our terminal and settled in to wait for our flight. The next leg of our journey departed on time from Frankfurt and about an hour later we arrived in Venice, Italy.

Once we arrived were relieved to pick up our luggage as this was the first time we saw it since checking in at Regina. John had arranged transportation to our Hotel, Quid Best Western Venice, Airport. The hotel was located about 8 miles from the airport and was quite modern. We went to the hotel restaurant for supper, were disappointed in the service - one waitress for the whole restaurant. We enjoyed our food but Judy was disappointed in her "raw" veal. We then retired to bed for the night. It was great to get horizontal after continuous traveling for about 26 hours.

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