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Bill ran a couple of miles and got back in the hot springs before we left. I watched a fighter jet circle over and then fire 3 shots or maybe practice missiles. I thought at first that the jet had blown up but then heard it in the distance. Must be a training facility around since we are in a very desolate area. It was 4 miles back to the refuge headquarters and then 49 to French Glen which is the first town back on a paved road. It took us 4 hours to go 49 miles and then decided to go back south towards Fields which is at the bottom of the Steens mt wilderness area. We turned off on the Stevens loop for another 10 miles of washboard roads to find a campsite. We found a place that probably was an Indian summer hunting ground due to the amount of obsidian flames all around the area. There is a band of about 6 wild horses in the field about .5 miles awaythat are ddescendants of Spanish and Indian horses. Cooking up the last of the fresh tuna we bought on the coast and froze for supper. Expecting great stars again since we're still 30 miles from a town.

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