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I am sitting in the Qantas lounge at Sydney Airport awaiting the final flight home to Coffs Harbour. I have just experienced 30 continuous hours of either plane travel or transit lounge stopovers and this was definitely the hardest to experience. I left Jane and Todd on Tuesday afternoon and called in to see my friend Hilary’s parents in Woodson Green in London and had an enjoyable afternoon tea. Her father Norman then drove me to Blackstone Road station for my rail trip to Heathrow. This involved a simple transfer from the Central line to the Piccadilly line at Finsbury Park and made it a simple process. My only observation was that the train stations only have a minimum of escalators and/or elevators and dragging a 23 kg back up stairs is a little challenging exercise for someone like me. Belgian trains have a poor exit on their carriages and with three step and narrow ledges that makes it difficult to lower a heavy bag on to the lower platform. So really the return Qantas trip was the last and hardest part of the trip and it just had to be done. There was serious turbulence after 2 hours out of Dubai and I am guessing we must have been over India or nearby. It is hard to jolt an A380 so it was no big deal apart from the fact that I had a dicey stomach from something I had eaten and I was hoping that I wouldn’t chuck after a sudden drop. I a absolutely exhausted and will enjoy getting home just to have a bath, reunite with the cats and join their busy daily schedule sleeping into the afternoon. I will think through the last 23 days and list some of the highlights of the Germany and other countries. I have also some hand written notes from Weimar, Rothenberg etc and will fit these into the blog site before next week to provide completeness.

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