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Frasier River valley

The hills of Hope, BC

Ross Lake

Waiting at the border

8-24-2013 From: Lac La Hache, BC, Canada, To: Hope, BC, Canada. Up and on the road at around 0830. Lots of beautiful scenery to see, as we traveled through the Frasier River valley. Beautiful rock formations on either side of the deep Jorge and of course the river below. It was quite steep in places, so as you know by now, I’m scared of heights, so I wasn’t looking down much. It was quite windy and Spike was battling quite a head wind at times. Looks like there is some rainy weather coming in.

We’ve seen more traffic today than we’ve seen our whole trip! I guess that means we’re getting back to civilization! It was nice to get to Hope, BC, early and get parked. Only 5 hours of travel today! And we are noticing that it sure gets dark early now, compaed to Alaska.

8-25-2013 It is nice and sunny this morning, so we have packed a picnic lunch and headed up to Ross Lake for a visit. Zoey got to go with us, so she was thrilled. The local news said there was a 2 hour wait at the border @ 0700 this morning. We are glad we are not going through the border today! Good call Spikey! (When we were working we always went through the border on the weekend, and usually had to wait an 1 ½ hours at a minimum in the Rv, with the boat behind. Drive two feet, stop, turn off the engine, wait 5 minutes, and repeat. Boring! And a waste of fuel.)

Ross Lake looked beautiful, as always. The sun was sparkling on the water and it was warm and sunny as we enjoyed our lunch.

8-26-2013 From: Hope, BC, Canada, To: Belfair, Washington, (also known as the lower 48), USA.

We are looking forward to getting home today. Looks like it will be a nice day to travel, sunny but not to hot. We doned shorts and t-shirts so we could show off our slight Alaska tan!

We got to the border crossing at Sumas a little before 10:00 and it said there was a 20 minute wait. Try 1.5 hours to get through. We had a little problem with people cutting in front of us in line, so that was frustrating. RV's can only go through the border in the far right lane, so of course it is the slower lane, made even slower by people cutting in on us. Anyway, no glitches at the border, just checked our passports and flagged us through!

Once across the border we headed to the truck stop in Ferndale, to fuel up. As you know the fuel in Canada and in Alaska was pretty expensive, so we've been just putting in the minimum amount to keep us going. Time to fill her up.

Getting through Seattle was our next obstacle. Do we remember how to navigate in the Seattle traffic? It has been a while! But Spikey did fine, and since we went through the middle of the day, the traffic was fairly light.

Made it home safely around 1500 and it just started to sprinkle. Washington rain drops to welcome us home. Spikey says he's tired of driving and isn't driving anywhere for awhile! We are thankful to be home and thankful to God for blessing us with such a wonderful vacation. Thank you to all of you for your prayers for us!

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