Antoinette Auf dem Weg 2004 travel blog

I know I am a nerd but I really enjoed doing this. It is one of my dreams in life to visit all the Legolands in the world (except maybe the one in California- unless they can airlift me in and out and stuff wax in my ears (do not cf. Odysseus) to avoid the Californian accent.). Also it was one of my aims this year along with go to Greece, go to Prague. These two it does not seem with be happening so I have to be content with this. (Why oh Why is plural s starting to look so strange to me???).

Caught the bus nice and early to Windsor and from there to Legoland. Windsor castle looked good but I could not achieve everything in one day sadly. Miniland was definately the highlight. But what interested me most of all was the information on how to become a lego designer, what qualifications they normally have and how the steps in the design process. I have deswegen furthered my ideas for a classical series in lego. Considering the run on sword and sandal films at the moment I dont see why they wouldnt go for it.

The rollercosters in Castle land were also good, shame it was too wet and cold to go on the splash mountain ride.

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