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The famous Wawa goose

View from hwy 101

View from hwy 101

Lunch stop on hwy 129

Julian trying to have a snooze

Our original plan for today was to just go as far as Adam's apartment in Sudbury, however we can smell the finish line of home, which includes family and our own comfortable beds.

Wawa is known for its huge goose statue, so we had to get a photo before leaving. After which we headed East on Hwy 101 to the railway town of Chapleau, the interior hwy's here are our last kick at ride on quiet hwys. Adam and I reminisce by comparing the hwy to the Cassiar hwy in northern BC, they could be one and the same. They are both lightly traveled, similar vegetation coverage, similar road build. We both really enjoyed our last ride on this road of solitude. In Chapleau, we gassed up and picked up a sub for a later picnic lunch, we then headed south on hwy 129, which was much the same hwy, with a few nice twisty sections thrown in.

As we neared the town of Iron Bridge, my eyes were getting heavy so we pulled over and I tried having a road side nap. I don't know how Adam does it, but he can lay down and fall asleep so easily, as much as I tried I could not sleep, so after 10 minutes or so, we moved on. I ended up switching rides with Adam, the different ride was as good as a nap it really woke me up.

We rode past Sudbury and Adam's apartment and headed for home 3 hours away. As it is Friday night the roads were very busy, but we managed to get home in fairly good time with a 7:30PM arrival.

Lisette and Max were very happy to see us after our 5 week absence. We unpacked our stuff and put as much away as we could, and piled the rest in front of the washing machine, for later washing.

Both Adam and I wondered how much weight we had gained over the 5 weeks of sitting on our bikes and eating in restaurants and camp food. Much to our surprise we both have lost weight Adam was down 3 lbs and I am down 5 lbs. Wow! I have found it so hard over the past few years to keep my weight down, not matter how much I worked out my weight really did not go down. During the trip we ate fairly healthily most of the time, but did not hesitate to have a few beers, eat the occasional french fries or ice cream. I can't figure it out, but hey maybe this long distance motorcycling is good for me. I really could get used to this, and if I can loose weight maybe I should do this more often???


For the 5 week (36 days and 35 nights) we stayed in 13 hotels, camped 15 nights, stayed in Adam's apartment 1 night, at my dads 3 nights and 3 nights with our friends Cindy and Denis.

We anticipated riding just under 17,000 km, however with all the running around we ended up riding 17,974kms (11,169 miles).

This trip is over, we both want more, what is next?

All for now Julian

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