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8-22-2013 From: Meziadin Lake, PP, BC, Canada. To: Vanderhoof, BC. On the road this morning pretty early. The end of the Cassiar Hiway was better than the beginning. We saw a mama black bear this morning about 20 minutes into our trip. She was starting to cross the road, so we slowed way down to give her some room, (unfortunately too far away to get a photo) and then she called her 2 little cubs to cross the road too. Spike said she was a smart bear, as she realized that it was a busy road, and waited to make sure it was safe for her babies before she called them across. Isn’t it amazing that God gives animals brains and intuition to survive in the world. And in this instance, to watch for cars to protect their young ?

It rained last night, and was misty this morning. But the weather got better as the day went on.

We got as far as Houston pretty early in the day, so we decided to press on to Vanderhoof to stay for the night. It ended up slower going than we thought, as we ran into lots of road construction and had to wait for a pilot car to take us and a group of cars through. Spike ended up driving for 8 hours which is long when the roads are only 2 lane, and you’re driving an RV. But there isn’t always a convenient place to camp. That is the dilemma.I know a lot of people will camp by the side of the road but we just don't feel comfortable doing that. I think it leaves you pretty vulnerable for a lot of reasons.

I made a boo-boo on my last posting concerning the salmon spawning. The dark red & green spawners are sockeye salmon not co-ho. Blond high five on my part. I also went in and corrected it on the posting, in case you didn't read it yet.

8-23-2013 From: Vanderhoof, BC, Canada, To: Lac La Hache, BC, Canada. Today we woke up to sunshine and a nice travel day. We traveled through a lot of farming communities today. Lots of cattle, horses, farmhouses, and old barns. In some places they have kept the old original log cabins, and log barns, on their property. Went through Prince George, BC, around noon and stopped to fill up with diesel. We quit at 1500 today. Still recovering from the long day yesterday. Sorry not many photos but the windows have been to bug infested to shoot a picture. Spikey washes the windows every night when we quit, but it doesn't take long for the bugs to spoil his clean windows!

Tomarrow we will be make it to Hope, BC. And Sunday we will take a side trip with the truck up to our beloved Ross Lake. So that puts us at the border crossing in Sumas on Monday morning.

Now that we have arrived in a campground for the night it looks like a thunderstorm might be coming on.

Just a few things we are looking forward to at home: a long hot shower, flowers of our own to enjoy, the dishwasher, not having to go to the laundormat or save quarters for the washer/dryer, seeing our friends & family, and just being "home". Zoey has her own list. She is looking forward to: a break from being on that dog gone leash all the time, being able to run free in her own yard, being able to run in the woods at home w/o a leash, and seeing her buddy Ringo the cat.

We are thankful for all of you, for God, and for all your prayers for us. Just a few more days and we'll be back in the lower 48!

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