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Yukon River

Coldfoot Camp

Bruce, Steph and Captain

Coldfoot Sign

Pipeline at Coldfoot

Yukon River

Gates of the Arctic



Ice Floe in Arctic Ocean

Steph at Arctic Ocean

Bruce at Arctic Ocean

Welcome to Barrow

Iconic Barrow Whalebone Monument

Distance Marker


While in Fairbanks, we took a flight to Barrow, top of the world on the Arctic Ocean! We figured we had come this far, so we might as well go as far as you can! The flight stopped in Coldfoot, AK to refuel and to grab a sack lunch for the remaining flight. The Camp is basically a truck stop for the truckers on the “Haul Highway.” The road was developed to bring supplies to Prudhoe Bay and the oil fields. Thirteen people call Coldfoot home year ‘round.

The flight then went over the Gates of the Arctic National Park, the Brooks Range, and across miles of tundra, then landed in Barrow. Barrow itself is a village of 4,500 people (60% being Eskimo) with lots of mud. It stays muddy until freezing because the groundwater has no place to go because of the permafrost. (Permafrost is ground that is frozen for at least 2 years). Barrow has 86 straight day of darkness during the winter.

After taking a tour of the town and going to the Arctic Ocean, we took the 3.5 hour flight back to Fairbanks.

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