NE US and Maritime Provinces 2013 travel blog

me in the lobster cage after I picked myself up

pretty flowers

Marlene as Anne of Green Gables

Me as Anne of Green Gables

shopping village

Red Sands Shore Trail marker

Conferation Bridge

David and me by the bridge

statue of Anne of Green Gables


waiting for the doors to open

Leon and Friends

guest fiddler (sorry it's so dark)

coastline at PEI National Park

same a above

same as above

same as above

pond in PEI National Park

soap company

goats at the soap company

golfer mailbox

having lunch in Charlottetown

me and Mr. Potato

Cows Creamery

shirt making operation

retired shirt designs

same as above

Ron and Marlene's deck

their house

our rv in front of their house

fox at PEI National Park

evening coastline view in above

same as above

same as above



Ron, Marlene and me watching the sunset

fox posing for us

pair of foxes

August 6-We are going to Summerside, a city of about 14,000 people. We are doing a little shopping. I hope you appreciate the picture of me in the lobster cage because I was not watching what I was doing and ran into a board with my head and it knocked me flat on my back! I was fine – just embarrassed. Be sure to look at the pictures of Marlene and me as Anne of Green Gables – I think we could play the part. After that we went back to the Confederation Bridge area – there are shops and information there but we didn’t stop when we had the RV attached. That evening we went to a music show(called a ceilidh (Gaelic) (pronounced kay-lee) at the Sterling Women’s Institute Hall in Stanley Bridge. Music is a big part of the culture here – the heritage of the people who live here are Acadian, Scottish, Irish, and English and it is reflected in all types of music. There are music shows almost every night at Community Centers all over the island. The show we went to was Leon & Friends. Leon, the lead, plays the guitar, his cousin plays lead guitar, there is a snare drummer, piano player, bass guitar and on the night we went there was a guest fiddler and accordion player. They played a lot of music Leon had written and was specific to the island and also some country music. They also added a little humor to the mix. It was a great show and we really enjoyed ourselves.

August 7-Today we are visiting PEI National Park. It is on the coastline and the views are outstanding. The sand is red – like brick red. The shoreline is mostly sandstone and as it erodes it turns into the red sand. As we looked down the beach the red sand turns to light brown sand and there are dunes rather than sandstone cliffs – it is pretty amazing. Next we went to The Great Canadian Soap Company. This company has goats on site and makes soap and a variety of natural skin care products from the goat’s milk. The goats were so cute, especially the little ones. We moved on to Charlottetown for lunch at the harbor. Charlottetown is the largest city and has a population of about 40,000. The population of PEI is about 165,000. We sat on the second floor of the restaurant and had a great view of the harbor. There was a cruise ship in port and Ron said they get quite a few during the season. We looked in some shops and looked at the boats in the harbor. Next we visited Cows Creamery, an ice cream company voted best in the Atlantic Provinces. There are many dairy farms on PEI and Cows uses all local dairies for the ice cream and cheese. David and I took a tour while Ron and Marlene looked through the shop (they had been there before). About 5 years ago people started wanting to buy the shirts off the workers backs, so Cows decided this may be another opportunity and started producing shirts with their logo. A few years after that, they started asking their customers for suggestions for themes and now their shirts are almost as popular as the ice cream. They use parodies of popular tv shows, movies, games, etc. – like Duck Cowmanders, Hello Cowee – you get the idea. They pick 12 each year to produce and after the year is over they are retired and 12 new ones are chosen. In addition to making ice cream there they also have an even larger print shop where the shirts are printed and made ready for sale. They make small batches of ice cream because there are no preservatives. They have 10 retail outlets with only 4 outside of PEI. A few years ago the owner made a trip to Scotland to trace his roots. While there he found a cheese that he really liked and bought the recipe, so now they make cheese also. Everyone got ice cream – David got Cowee Wowee and said it was delicious. That evening we went back to PEI National Park to see the sunset. On our way through the park we saw a couple of foxes – they are all over the park. PEI doesn’t have any large wildlife, foxes and coyotes are the biggest wildlife on the island. We watched until the sun went down and then on our way out we saw a couple more foxes. Years ago when wearing furs was popular, people raised foxes on the island for that purpose. We can certainly understand why Ron and Marlene decided to make this island their home – it is a beautiful place.

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