The Hale Hijinks! 2013 travel blog

Cap'n Hale in the cockpit!

Co-pilot...Kimosabe ("Trusty Scout")

Stateline, Nevada

"Slow down, Doug"!!!

I guess we're not stopping here either!

The Trump property and The Wynn...beckoning to me!

This one is for Jim Bell...Doug pointed out the Shelby plant!

The Las Vegas Raceway! I'm surprised we didn't stop here!

Approaching our destination for the night.

Our first day on the road went smoothly! We stopped at In-N-Out for lunch so that Doug could have his last "Double-Double" for a few months! We sped past Stateline and Las Vegas. My pictures were almost a blur!!!

The temp as we crossed Death Valley reached 116 degrees and I was fading fast! As I gaze out the window at the barren landscape, I try to imagine what the early pioneers endured as they traveled this same route!

We arrived at our campsite by 6:00 p.m. and began unloading the jeep. I suspect I packed more than I will ever wear on this trip but...I was a Girl Scout..."Always be prepared"!!!

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