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It was a beautiful day coming home from church this morning. Who...

It's difficult to tell here, but there is water laying everywhere &...

View from the back of the 'barn' looking toward the back of...

Wish you could hear the winds/thunder/loud sounds we are hearing here! Scary...

So yesterday afternoon was a bit nerve-racking! It had been raining a bit, then pea sized hail started up. I was chopping & dicing a big pile of veggies for some homemade soup when there was a sturdy knock at the door. Campground owner Paul was here to tell us to get over to the 'barn' NOW as there was a possibility of a tornado heading right for us. What???? The local radio station broadcasting the storm info was specifically saying "if you are in an RV or an automobile, get out now and take cover."

It's funny what the mind does at that moment. I was dressed in a t-shirt, shorts & flip flops as the weather & skies had been beautiful just a few hours earlier. Should I take the time to change? Should we try to grab a few important things? In fact, I asked Larry "do we have anything important in here?" But before he could respond I said "well yeah, just everything!" Well what about this? And what about that? He finally said "honey, just leave it, we gotta go!" We ran for the truck & started praying, HARD!

The 'barn' by the way is the structure that currently houses the Custer Mountain Cabins & Campground office and is also Paul & Marcie's lovely home (upstairs). It is built extremely well with large timber. As we waited for the danger to pass Paul jokingly commented that we had two stories above us, heavy insulation & a roof so this was definitely the safest spot to ride the storm out. Onyx wasn't quite sure about that. And Paul has several feral kittens that were really rattled. When I opened a back door to try & capture a photo one of them ran into the office & ducked behind the filing cabinets, refusing to come out!

We watched the storm on tv as well as on our phones as it headed for downtown Custer. It came as close as Stockade Lake and then turned south, away from Custer! Yayyyyy, how great is that! It continued to rain/hail for another hour or so which by now we were very grateful for. But I have to tell you, the sound of the wind with it's accompanying thunder was really strange. And scary!! I've never heard anything like it before, and hope not to again! And the tornado siren sounding in town was a new one for me as well. We are back in our home now, safe & sound with a realization that we need to make sure that everything that is of paper importance is recently backed up & off the premises. We try to always do that, but you guys know how time slips away. And finally, I had thoughts of all my family & friends that I might never see again if things went really badly. I know, I know, a little bit dramatic, but nevertheless I had them. I was feeling like there might be a few of you that I haven't told how much I love you recently. And that felt terrible! So, if I haven't told you recently how much you mean to me, please know that you do. Now I'm going to go eat some of my homemade soup! Have a great day!!!

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