The Channel Country August 2013 travel blog

Amenities block at Windorah

Campsite at Windorah

Pick the tree on the way to Longreach

Lunch at Stonehenge

We watched the intrepid people taping up their vans to prepare for the trip to Birdsville, and were very happy that we were heading back towards civilisation and Longreach.

This road was again a single strip in the centre of rich red dusty soil either side. In wet weather it must be very difficult to 'move aside to let someone pass', as the vehicle would sink into the red mud.

Fortunately we didnt see many travellers, so mostly had the thin strip to ourselves. The landscape changed again and at times resembled a moonscape, no vegetation and very flat.

We travelled past the turn off to Jundah (pop 85), but did call into the only other town on this trip Stonehedge. (population 30} The tourist guide indicated that this town had 3G coverage and we were keen to check our mobiles & email. We did find a short stretch of road (about 200metres) where our mobiles did work, so we pulled up and made the most of it.

The reason for this town having such a facility is because of the Defence Department's site for the 'Over the Horizon' radar facility based here, which although so far from the sea is used to guard our coastline. Amazing!

We arrived in Longreach around 3pm and settled into the Top Tourist Park with our own ensuite! Still red dust, and as we drove into town, we noticed 2 emus walking down the middle of the street. I think they are going to haunt us for a while.

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