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Barren landscape on way to Windorah

More flat and barren land

Still on way to Windorah

The ones who got away!

Lunch at Coopers Creek

A big worry for some

The wild west!

Left Quilpie around 9am on a very chilly morning. A narrow, dusty road ahead as we made our way to Windorah.

Still a lot of wild life, emus, kangaroos and grazing cattle by the side of the road.We saw a lot of magnificent eagles feasting on the animals that had been killed on the edge of the road. Even caught a glimpse of two brolgas just off the road.

15 klms from the town of Windorah we stopped at a free camping site on the banks of Coopers Creek. We had lunch down by the creek, and we could see how easy it would have been to just pull in alongside the vans that had already secured their spots along the banks of the creek. But civilisation beckoned and we travelled the 15klm into town to stay in the more populated caravan park.

It was a case of just find yourself a spot and the ranger came around to collect the $10 fee for the night. The ammenities were clean so we couldnt complain.

We had had no mobile or internet coverage all day, so went to the Information Centre that advertised internet access. We were able to use the computers to check our emails for no charge, and were even given a free cup of coffee. They do try to do the right thing by the tourists who pass through their small town. The population is 85. The countryside is dominated by the red dirt and dust. Many of the people staying in the park were heading off to Birdsville the next day (over 360klms of rough dirt track.......) We were not tempted.......getting a little weary of the red dust. Only 251klms today but it seemed more.

We really felt we had entered "The wild west" when we noticed the sign on entereing the town "NO SHOOTING IN TOWN COMMON"

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