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The first couple of photos are of the Graphically wrapped trailer...

The front side of the trailer...You can't get a great view as...

One of those displays...

The end of the trailer says it all!!!

Isn't this beautiful!

One last shot of the front, left end of trailer...Beautiful work...

Looking to my far right...

Ft. Hood...

Fire Fighters...

And Law Enforcement...

Global War On Terror...

Engraved Gold Dog Tags...Quite sobering

I realize you can't read any of this but would like for...

Once again, no reading here & the wind was whipping the flags...

The timeline was quite interesting...

Korean War Info...

There were some amazing photos...

Many more photos to examine...

Military Rank Insignias...

Larry could have and would have liked to have stayed a couple...

After leaving Bumpers this evening we decided to visit the American Veterans Traveling Tribute which is visiting Hot Springs, SD from July 31st through August 4th with the Cost of Freedom Tribute. This event is being sponsored and hosted by the Battle Mountain Post 71 American Legion Riders and takes place at Centennial Park. AVTT's mission is to travel the nation to honor, respect, and remember men and women who served, and to pay specific tribute to those who gave all in that service. Since the tribute is mobile it allows people to honor and respect veterans and active military personnel without having to travel great distances to do so. The Tribute arrives in a 24’ car hauler trailer pulled by a Chevrolet 3500 crew cab. As you will see, the trailer is beautifully graphically wrapped.

The AVTT presents several Cost of Freedom memorials and exhibits with its centerpiece being the Traveling Wall, an 80 percent scale version of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Across its 360-foot length the wall contains every single name etched on the original. At its apex the memorial is an impressive eight-feet tall. The Traveling Wall was completed in early 1998 and began traveling that year.

AVTT's Traveling Wall is the largest Wall replica traveling the USA, and is not to be confused with several other replica Walls; The Moving Wall, The Dignity Wall, the Wall That Heals. They are all on a mutual mission.

We arrived about 9pm and found it to be well lit and still open to the public. I don't know if you'll read this in time to make it to it's current location in Hot Springs, but if you should learn of it being in your area we highly recommend you take a couple of hours to view it. We stayed about an hour and could have actually stayed much longer. But the hour was getting late & we still had quite a drive back home with church in the a.m. So we read the exhibits that meant the most to us, took a few pictures and called it a night. The pictures are not the best but they will give you an idea of the exhibit. It was very interesting, if not quite sobering. We've seen the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. but still found this to be very well presented. Below is a list of the displays & exhibits you can expect to see. If you are in this area you still have 3 hours to see it locally.


The total "Cost of Freedom" exhibit includes:

• The Traveling Wall - an 80% replica Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall (360ft long/8ft tall at apex)

with flag display flown over the Wall (14 flags total)

• 190ft of additional stand up displays honoring all veterans and those serving today.


The Displays included:

(2) 4x8 panels Presidents /with photos.

(1) 4x8 panel-Ranks and Medals/Award.

(3) 4x8 panels WWII-

(1) timeline

(1) casualty by country

(1) pictorial

(2) 4x8 panels Korea-

(1) timeline and battle maps

(1) pictorial and list of Medal of Honor recipients

(2) 4x8 panels Vietnam timelines

(2) 4x8 panels /1980-2000 U.S. Conflicts and casualties listed

(1) 2x2 Operation Eagle Claw with casualty listing

(1) 2x2 El Salvador civil war with casualty listing

(1) 2x2 Invasion of Grenada with casualty listing

(1) 2x2 Bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut with casualty listing

(1) 2x2 Operation El Dorado Canyon with casualty listing

(1) 2x2 USS Stark with casualty listing

(1) 2x2 Invasion of Panama with casualty listing

(2) 2x2 Desert Shield Desert Storm with casualty listing

(1) 2x2 Somalia with casualty listing

(1) 2x2 Khobar, Saudi Arabia with casualty listing

(1) 2x2 USS Cole with casualty listing

(1) 4x8 panel 9/11-

(2) 2x2 Pentagon and casualty list/ 2x2 Flight 93 and Casualty list

(2) 2x2 Tower 1 and casualty listing

(2) 2x2 Tower 2 and casualty listing

(6) 4x8 panels/ Global War on Terror

(A collection of individual engraved gold dog tags depicting all casualties from the global war on terror).

(1) 4x8 panel/ Names and photo's of all Ft. Hood victims

(2) 4x8 panels/ Police and Fire

(1) 4x8 Police Pictorial

(1) 4x8 Firefighter Pictorial

(1) 2 sided 24in. X 36in. A-Frame

(1) 24x36 Police Casualty by state

(1) 24x36 Firefighter by state

(1) 4x4 panel/ FBI panel with casualty listing

(8) 2 sided 24" x 36" A-Frames

(1) WWI plus statistics

(1) Spanish American plus statistics

(1) Korean War plus statistics

(1) Civil War North plus statistics

(1) WWII plus statistics

(1) Civil War South plus statistics

(1) Desert Storm plus statistics

(1) War of 1812 plus statistics

(1) Vietnam War plus statistics

(1) Mexican War plus statistics

(1) American Revolution plus statistics

(1) Cost of Freedom

(4) U.S. Conflicts listing plus statistics

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