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Sunrise at Bedrock

Views from Kalkarni Crater

After the walk

Lava tube friendlies

Into the depths

Mac holding court


Cave cuddles

Underground resident by day

Barkers Knob

Elizabeth Creek - behind Bedrock

Savannahlander line Mount Surprise Station

4th August

Leaving Lake Eacham on a clear sunny day we head to our next stop. Lots of roadworks along the way. The views as we were travelling over the tablelands were very picturesque.

Arriving at Bedrock Village caravan park in Mt Surprise, our home for the next three nights. This caravan park is well set out. The owners Jo & Joe have spent twelve years creating this little oasis. First night in, Roast Pork with veges,Pavlova and fresh fruit for dessert. Couldn't resist.

The population of Mt Surprise is approximately 65. The average rainfall is 31 inches. 95% falls between November and April. 2013 has been a very dry wet season, they still haven't seen it. Their water is pumped from about 80 metres underground into a holding tank and then filtered through a sand filter - it is not treated with chemicals or chlorine. They are obliged to tell you it is not potable - the locals have been drinking it for years.

We have decided on a day tour of the Undara Lava Tubes. Leaving at 8am and returning at 5pm. This tour includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for $126.

First stop is the Kalkarni crater ,a 2 1/2 km walk around the crater, not to difficult but great views.

Undara Lava Tubes is home to one of the earths longest lava flows from a single volcano in modern geological times. Mother nature set to work 190,OOO years ago creating one of the rarest and most fascinating volcanic phenomena on earth.

The massive eruption caused lava to flow more than 90 kms to the North and over 160 kms to the North West. It is estimated that 23 cubic kms of lava, at a temperature of 1,2000 deg, flowed from the volcano at a rate of about 1,OOO cubic metres every second. A lava flow this size could fill Sydney Harbour in six days.

After an exhausting day of climbing in and out of tubes with an informative guide (Mac), an amazing three course lunch we are happy to be on the tarmac heading home.

Glimpsing the wild life as we head back to camp. A great day and well worth the money.

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