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PEI National Park




North Rustico

He was preening his beard for me so I'd take his picture!


Peakes Harbor - Charlottetown











A country road in pretty good condition. Rarity!




Another pretty little house.

Wednesday we went for another ride along the coast to the east, it is just as breathtaking. After we had driven several hours (including lots of side trips and stops for pictures) we found we were near Charlottetown, the capitol of PEI and the only really large town on the island. Since it was lunch time and we hadn’t packed a picnic we decided to head there. We had planned to spend all of Thursday there, but what the heck! So we had lunch there at Peakes Wharf, peeked into some of the shops, took a walk through a pretty area, and then stopped for Cow’s ice cream, of course.

We haven’t done much shopping here, the sales tax is 15%. Marvin has been looking all over for a certain kind of hat that’s made in Canada but hasn’t been able to find his size. He found one in Charlottetown but the tax on it was $13, so he passed. He’ll order it on the internet when we get home. I bought a shoulder tote that was $16 and with tax it was almost $20. We did stop at a supermarket in C’town on our way home, the first one we’ve seen since Bangor, but I forgot to notice if they charge tax on food.

The weather pattern has changed, now we wake to sunshine every morning but it hasn’t been too hot – in the high 70s. Yesterday, Marvin played golf and I did laundry and just hung out all day. Makes me happy!

Today we moved from Cavendish to Murray Harbour North on the southeast coast. The map shows Beach Point because its the closest map point I could find. We want to do some exploring on this side of the island and its closer to the ferry that we will take to Nova Scotia next week. We only moved 70 miles but it took over two hours. You’ve seen in the pictures how narrow the roads are and we also went right through Charlottetown.

Our new campground is Sealcove and its right on the water. Its sort out of in the boonies but it’s a beautiful spot. They have good wi-fi and a golf course, so we’re both happy (we’ve only been here an hour and M is already on the course)! I’ve been amazed at how good the wi-fi has been ever since we’ve been in Canada. Its all been free and you don’t need a password. Just connect and away you go! Its very different in the states for the most part.

Tomorrow we’ll start exploring this area, watch for more to come!

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