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inside the stables

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hanging baskets again

I wanted to do a little shopping; not much left of sales, instead loads of winter clothes on display. Bright colours OUT

So it was back to my favourite markets (because I know how to get there, and now though get lost in the mazes inside, can orientate myself outside!

The stables is only a past of the markets. It was one place where I could get a few shots of stalls. Outside, many more stalls and they have less space. For a decent photo would have to get up high (possible as there were multi story sections with balconies in some parts.

I had started looking in shops before my walk of the day, and continued after at the Markets, then it was back to The Lilly. The train I got onto stopped at Earls Court not my usual station of West Brompton, but not a lot further to walk. It does however have more exits. And I took the wrong one. Then thinking I was the other side of the station, went the wrong way!

It was a long walk back! It did however mean I saw more streets! And more hanging baskets. Is it my imagination, or are there more window boxes and hanging baskets around this year. Or is just that with the long stretch of warm weather, everything has bloomed!?

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