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Our home for the next week

Great view of the ocean

Kennedy Space Center in the distance

Jimmy says he likes this spot

Carol's first time on a segway!

Carol testing her new skill of riding/driving a Segway

Look at that concentration

A view of the beach along our segway tour

A cruise ship in the Port Canaveral Harbor

Great time!

Titusville walking tour

Merritt Island....a great place to go birding

The elusive Kingfisher



Glossy Ibis


Another look at the glossy ibis

The Great White Pelican migration....what an awesome site

We were so lucky to catch this pelican migration

And they are off again

Lots to see at Cape Canaveral

Kennedy Space Center has a great water mural at the entrance

Carol squared & Bev having some fun

This is called the rocket garden


Moon rock

Those are some big exhaust pipes....LOL

The end of another great day

This was a busy week! JC is doing much better and is able to participate in all activities. Our campground is called KARS. It a campground originally setup for the families of the military that worked at Cape Canaveral. Since all those folks are gone, it has been opened up to all retired military. We had a great little spot right along the water.

First up on the agenda, was a Segway tour I found on Groupon of "Cape Canaveral" area. It was really of a rapidly growing Port Canaveral and the newly named Canaveral Beach. A new place being developed as an alternative for the cruise ships that currently stop in Miami. It was the first time for Carol to be on a Segway. She and John took to it like duck to water. It was really chilly, but a great time.

We also visited Merritt Island. This is a wildlife preserve and great for birding. The highlights were actually getting a photo of the elusive Kingfisher. We have been trying to get a photo since Big Cypress National Monument and the Everglades. Next was a great find of a Glossy Ibis. Another bird that you need to be at the right place at the right time. And, finally, was witnessing a huge flock of the American White Pelican. It was breathtaking to see them flying in by the hundreds. It was a sea of white feathers. Enough to bring tears to the eyes.

We also did a walking tour of Titusville. And, of course, spent the day at the Kennedy Space Center and visited the Astronaut Hall of Fame! What a busy week. We are off to St. Augustine....one of my favorite places.

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