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Lauren and Lydia, St. Patrick's Day

Face painting a the Farmers Market

Lydia's face painting

YES, we have to go down here

On the way down

BIG rocks

Lunch at the Coke Ovens

Rae in the desert

Pat, Rae and Kim

BIG rattlesnake

The boys hard at it!

The Girls Lauren, Rae, and Lydia

Mary at Tortilla Flats

March: By the end of the month—the good-bye’s start! The Canadians start heading back so that they can get across the border within their 180 day limit in the US. Great month for weather! Lots of sunshine and wonderful temperatures! Along with warmer temperatures—comes the rattlesnakes—no more hiking or biking in the desert!

March was a great time for the family to come visit. Pat, Rachel, and the girls came on St. Patrick’s Day and spent a week. The girls stayed with us most of the nights, but Pat and Rae stayed with Darin and Kristen, Pat’s step-brother in Chandler. The weather really cooperated—the girls got to go swimming everyday! Pat, and Kim went to Casa Grande to play golf with Kim’s brother Jim-at Francisco Grande Golf resort.

Grandma got to have the girls all to herself while the rest of the group went off jeeping. It was probably a good deal that grandma wasn’t with them, since they went on the worst—roughest, rocky, steep trails than they had ever been on! So much for the under carriage of the Jeep, but no visible damage! It was a good time to entertain, so we had a party with all our neighbors, so that the kids could get an idea of our lifestyle in Apache Junction.

The same plane that took the kids home from Mesa to Grand Island, picked up my sister Jackie and a friend of hers---Mary and brought them to Mesa! It has become a tradition to have a brunch on the day that Jackie gets to the valley! Friends Roger and Bill have become famous for their mimosa’s, and set a new record for how many bottles we drank!

Jackie only got to stay for four days, but a good time was had by all! Jeeping, a trip to Tortilla Flats, water volleyball, a beer tasting party, and Mary even got to enjoy Wednesday night bingo! She enjoyed it so much in fact—Jackie had to drive back to the hotel!

March was also brought on a new activity for me…… I started to golf! Kim ordered me a set of clubs, so I bit the bullet, and said that I would try it! Clive, a great Scottish golfer, and friend in the park, offered to give me a lesson. It’s going to be a trial for me, but I am trying! Tuesday’s we all go to a executive par 3 course, and the girls play together. On Saturday’s we go to a bigger course and play couples, but the long courses are really a challenge for me, since I can’t drive very far, and end up double par of more! But the good thing is, so far I am enjoying it! We are outside, in the sun, and getting some exercise and spending time with great friends, so what could be better than that!

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