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The lodge is in the background

Squeezed in beside the building

Tucked in next to the building....no air flow!

The beginning of the Boy Scout Flag Retirement Ceremony

There were a LOT of flags

Ceremonial burning

JC participated in retiring one of the flags

The fire department ladder with a huge flag raised

View from the shores of the RV sites at the Elks Lodge

Wildlife Santuary

Very cute furry feathered Owl

I think pelican are so prehistoric looking

A panoramic view of the beach on the gulf that borders the...

View from Islamorada Fish Company an outdoor restaurant

Happy group

Nearby marina

Spectacular view and sunset on this evening..I never tire of these scenes

Are we having fun yet?

Picnic at Pennekamp Coral Reef Park

Jen is working....really!!!

Jen is all suited up and ready to snorkel

Suiting up in our snorkel life vests

I am ready

Jump out of the boat here?....LOL

Those are folks bobbing around in the distance

Spectacular coral reefs to explore

A nice little find

Lots of hiking trails with mosquitoes

Fossil brain coral


Really interesting river bed and shoreline

Very nice river through the park

Lots of fossil coral

Large and small examples of coral fossils

A great sunset from the beach at the Elks Lodge

We moved a whopping 33 miles up the coast to the Tavernier Elks Lodge, Key Largo, FL. We needed to move because most of our stays are taking advantage of weekly rates. We will also be reuniting with our traveling companions, John & Carol and Jimmy Doodles. They have been staying at the military base in Key West.

Well this Elks Lodge is not one of the best we have stayed at. As a matter of fact, where we parked our rig left a lot to be desired. It is along the side of the building with two large air conditioner units blasting hot air at us. It is only for a week, but the location really puts a strain on our refrigerators in the heat and humidity. We have parked at better spots at Walmart than this place,

On a brighter note, the other sites are good with a great view of the gulf. A good location too. Note to self, be sure we don't get put next to the building. While there we had the opportunity to participate in the Boy Scout Flag Retirement Ceremony. The flags are burned because they are no longer in good enough shape to be displayed. So the powers that be(?) has come up with a formal ceremony to burn the flags. It was an honor to witness the ceremony. Both JC and John we allowed to place a flag in the fire because they are both veterans. We were invited to join in a great spaghetti dinner following the ceremony.

This week we visited a Bird Sanctuary. Small, but quite a variety of birds. Such fun. We had a great meal and beautiful sunset at Islamorada Fish Company down the highway. The highlight of the week was a snorkeling adventure at the famed John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. We saw all sorts of coral, barracuda and clear seas. I have determined I really don't like salt water for swimming, but I love the beach. I swallowed a little too much of the salty stuff. We all had a great time though. A picnic and soak in the sun rounded out a fabulous day.

JC and I also slipped in a motorcycle ride north of Key Large to Dagny Johnson Key Large Hammock Botanical State Park. It really looked like someone was going to build a housing community on this stretch of land many years ago. But, the land has been returned to it's natural habitat. A note here about the term 'hammock'. A hammock is usually a stand of hardwood trees in an area of wetlands. Very common in the southeast part of the US.

Tomorrow we head for a state park at Hope Sound near the wealthy community of Jupiter and more kayaking!

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