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Whale Watching in Glacier Bay

This might be Reid Glacier

Great Pacific Glacier

Johns Hopkins Glacier

Lamplugh Glacier

Mountain Scenery

I Don't know this glacier's name

Margerie Glacier

Margerie Glacier

Close up of Margerie Glacier

Another Glacier

Bill at Margerie Glacier

Another Close-up

Peaks and Spires at Margerie Glacier

Today we are still at sea, cruising through the waters of Glacier Bay. The ship picked up some park Rangers from Glacier Bay National Park (by boat, of course) who came aboard to relay information about the park, the tidewater glaciers and the wildlife. While in the park, we cruised by Johns Hopkins Glacier, the Lamplugh Glacier, the Grand Pacific Glacier and the Margerie Glacier among the numerous other glaciers. The ship cruised within 1,000 feet of Margerie. The ship held fast for about 30 minutes so the port side passengers could get a good view and then turned around so the starboard side passengers could overload their cameras.

Margerie Glacier is about a mile wide, with an ice face that is 250 feet high above the water line, and 100 feet below sea level. It is about 21 miles long. The ice flows about 2000 feet per year or about 6 feet per day.

The glacier viewing and the whale watching have been the highlights of our trip.

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