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Full moon and the flag

Campground sunset

It's the BIG one!

And, he's got my best lure!


Sunny campsite - too much wind for the Easy-Up

View from my these old homes

NY farmland means home to me --- ahhhh, the manure smell!

We weren’t sure of our next destination as Rich wanted to do some fishing, so we finally found a Coast to Coast campground just west of Albany – actually in Schenectady, NY. Coast to Coast hasn’t always been kind to us so believe me I had no expectations, but I have been pleasantly surprised. We are on a mountain; the park is well maintained with stocked ponds that require no fishing license, and very nice park staff. Oh, yes…the restrooms get a 10+ so I’m happy. We had a bit of an adventure getting here though, relying mostly on the GPS to get us into and through Troy and Albany and finally to the campground. All was well until we turned a corner and found ourselves facing (OH, NOOOOO!) a TUNNEL…with a 10’ clearance sign!!!!!!!!! Well, we stopped the truck (country road…no traffic) and Rich climbed the ladder and eyeballed the clearance and we hemmed and hawwed for awhile then decided to go for it. Slowly, ever so slowly and right down the center of the tunnel, we inched our way in …..and out…..with no problems! - YAHOOOOO!! Rich said later, “You should have gotten a picture” to which I replied, “Sorry….I was too busy being scared!!” Needless to say we’ll find another way out.

We’re going to stop here for a few days so maybe Rich with catch some big ones. It’s hot, but this morning we have a nice breeze. Hope it continues.

July 19, 2013, Friday

Happy Birthday to my Gee-Or-Geous niece, Shannon! I’m sure you’re having a great day and that Damon, and your two little guys will make it fun for you. Hope to see you soon.

We came north to escape the Florida heat, but the heat is chasing us. It has been in the high 90’s everyday since we left RI, but we’re very fortunate that this campground is high on the mountain and we have a constant breeze. So much so that we had to take in our awning and lower the Easy-up before it got blown away. But, we’re not complaining. So far no rain either.

Rich went fishing yesterday and in 20 minutes he’d caught 10 fish! Said he only came home because he got tired of reeling them in. Well, I think I’ll go with him next time and take the camera with me….ha ha.

We had a call from Richie yesterday afternoon but it got dropped and then we couldn’t connect again…how disappointing! Our cell service isn’t very good here as I tried several times to call Lin too with no luck. Guess we’ll have to wait til we get to Rome. Not much else to report so I’m going back to my book 

Our few days here were restful, even with the heat. Rich caught more fish each day - Catch & Release of course, so nothing for the frying pan - but he had fun doing it. Now we move east to Rome and Bobbie’s….can’t wait! See ya there!

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