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Don't know them. They were just there when we drove by...

My first glimpse.


















7/10 - On our drive from Nipton, we went through Las Vegas (not impressed), Nevada, then entered Arizona, then north a bit into Utah, then back down into AZ again. When we first entered AZ, we went through a mountain pass on I-15 that had me in tears, it was so, so awesomely beautiful! (The pictures, however, are quite blah, so am not posting.)

When we arrived at the North Rim Campground, the first thing we did was walk to the edge of the CG and get my first glimpse of the canyon. Awesome! But it was just a taste. The next day and the next we explored and hiked and ohmygoshed and took pictures, knowing that they could never convey the wondrousness of what we were looking at. And yes, it had me teared up more than once. There are no words that can describe it. Beautiful, awesome, amazing, magnificent, unbelievable, indescribable. Grand. The GRAND Canyon. It's something that, even though you've seen pictures, you must see it with your eyes to really get it.

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