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Beating up a brand new Jeep!

Patti and Bruce, from WA

Candi and Tom, from CO

Bridgett and Tim, from British Columbia


Joyce, Barb, and Patti, at the "French Cafe"

Jean, Janet and Tanis, at the "French Cafe"

Brenda, Joyce, Me, and Tanis, "Craft" day!

February was still a cool month in AZ. Feb 20th will go down in history as the “Phoenix Snow Storm”, people even had t-shirts made that said they survived the Blizzard of 2013! It was actually white, which is unknown in the Phoenix area! For us northerners, we just said “What the heck!” We came here to get away from all of that!

We did lots of jeeping---Kim is learning that BIG rocks are hard on the undercarriage of the jeep! We will be getting steel base plates when we get to Grand Island. Surprisingly, a great off road shop is located in St. Paul NE, so we will get that taken care of when we get to NE. The front bumper came from them already---who knew that you had to reinforce the Jeep, if you really want to go off-roading! (Kim, probably did---but he didn't share that with me!)

Kim has his regular golf group, that go out every Tuesday, and Saturday’s—then every couple of weeks they go to Casa Grande to met his brother Jim, and his friends on Thursday’s, so golf really occupies his time! The problem is, some of the gals have started going on Tuesday and Saturday and are trying to convince me that I need to try it! I keep resisting, but my resolve is getting weaker! I know it would be something that Kim and I could do together during the summer, and another way to get some exercise! BUT—it’s been my “time” when Kim goes golfing---and I worry about my shoulder and knees not being able to take it. So we will see…….

We did have a couple of warm Monday’s so; we had our scheduled weekly water volleyball game! That continues to be a good thing for a bunch of us! The more the merrier---but actually the more people we have in the water, the better chances of hitting the ball back! Most volleyball teams have 6 players, we do much better with 7 or 8 on a side!! Its fun and again, a good source of exercise!

Good friends in another park, hosted a “style show” and ladies luncheon---great time with friends! It is always good to have an excuse to get away and try something new! Brenda, Tanis, Joyce, and Barb are regulars in the weekly “craft” day---or should I say “wine” day!

We seem to have become more “grounded” in Arizona—last year, we bought a 6 x 8 shed to store things in while we are in Shiprock, this year we upgraded that to a 10 x 8 shed! We also found a table and chairs, umbrella, grill, and then a gazebo! So we have “paved” a portion of our lot, and have more things stored in the shed! Looks like we will be going back to Shiprock again next year---but we will see---sometimes we think about getting something more permanent in AZ, but it would still have to be in a park, so that we would have the community of people that we enjoy being around.

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