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Glasgow School of Arts

The Willow Tea rooms

inside second floor of the tea rooms

Alyssa has a meringue

There were two lanes but scary with trucks and buses

Alyssa gets rid of some energy

Jennie pensive; surveys the scenery

our break spot

hills getting higher

and more water

We had several places on our list for this morning, but didn't get to them all.

Those that we did were very worth while. WE started at the Glasgow School of Arts where we were just in time for a tour of the building. From the outside I certainly didn't notice many little quirky design features, all of which were symbolic of something. I may not have noticed these inside either if the tour guide hadn't pointed them out to us!

The designer of the School + interiors, including a lot of furniture won fame in Europe for his innovative design but didn't get that much at home. I liked his attention to detail and again the quirkiness.

One of his other designs were tea rooms, where again he designed everything, down to the spoons! we decided a splurge was warranted and went off to tack the Willow Rooms down. They are much as they were 100 years ago except furniture is copies; staff more relaxed in dress and not monitored by the head waitress, sitting in a large chair on a platform. And of course a bit of electricity has changed other aspects!

While we liked the building and interior, we were not overly impressed by the scones, or what seemed to be over-whipped cream in the meringues. (we didn't query it in case this was how it should be!!!)

Then it was back to the hotel and off to the highlands.

Though the roads were two lanes, with occasional 'laybys', it was still a bit scary when a large truck or bus came round the corner as we were about to go into it

We stooped for a break and a bit of lunch. yummy home made soup, with a half sandwich. Very reasonable.

The café was close to the road, amongst the trees with views of a lake across the road

Then it was off again going higher as we went

unfortunately it was fine but hazy so photos don't do the scenery justice.

Talking of water; we love the Scottish drinking water. Fresh, better than any bottled version

We hadn't planned it but came to Glencoe visitors centre which seemed like somewhere we should 'pop in' to. our introduction to the warring between clans and between England and Scotland had begun (with often a mixture of those) The MacDonald Clan had been massacred here by the English. In other versions the McDonalds had been raiding neighbouring clans and rustling large numbers of cattle. But there certainly seems to have been major treachery on the part of the English

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