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In transit Mt Surprise to Leichardt lagoon - vista

In transit Mt Surprise to Leichardt Lagoon - traffic hazard

Leichardt Lagoon - lagoon on dusk

From Sal -

I think we set our record for late pack-up today...11am. We still reached our campsite goal of Leichardt Lagoon near Normanton ($16 for the night if you're wondering). We fluked the campfire and live music night, hooray! And there was free soup for dinner - double hooray!

Beautiful meandering lagoon with lots of birds, especially hawks. We thought we might be able to fish here, but theres crocs in them there waters... Tried to spy some but (fortunately?) they were keeping low. A delicious sunset over the lagoon and bushland mesmerised me, and then a very full sky of stars followed. They are awesome and I remembered how much I used to appreciate them like this when growing up on our farm. Ben showed the kids the southern cross. I know the saucepan. And that's the length and breadth of our extensive knowledge of all things astronomical.

Shame the generators used by some of the caravanners detract from the bush night ambience, but better to just accept them as par for the course than waste energy feeling a bit ripped off. At least, that's a mindset I'm hoping to mature into as we travel...

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