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starting point Tower Hill tube,; tower visible in distance

the toaster

the cheese grater

the erotic gherkin

Architecture across time


flowering onion

Jennie in underground

Camden Town

entrance to stable tunnel markets

scultures everywhere

First a London Walk. Cant go to London with doing a walk. we picked two, but after mundane things as usual with only a short time between them we only managed the first, which was "The old Jewish Quarter".

From Tower Hill station we went to the East End, to what was first a Jewish refugee area over several hundred years. After they had moved on others moved in; in more recent times these being from Bangladesh and middle East.

I do like the way the English bring things down to a human level; it helps when there are sky scrapers all around, to have key ones named after mundane things.

There was some concern about showing the penis like erotic gherkin on a tour that was about jews. but someone had commented. Its OK its circumcised!

The highlight of the walk was getting into the oldest Synagogue in England. It was said it has never been refurbished, not TOTALLY true, there were a few electric lights in candle style fixtures, but is in immaculate condition. All the old candlebra complete with candles are still there, and are used for special occasions. Takes an hour to light them all!

We weren't allowed to take photos of the synagogue so a photo of a cover of a leaflet will have to suffice!

The rest of the walk was some name dropping and looking at areas of significance. One was where Marx and Trotsky and CO used to meet, and where some really good concessions for workers were gained. Marx had believed that this was where any uprising of the poor would start. However after the Jack the Ripper murders (also in this area) the politicians came to the area and were horrified by conditions so changes were made, which stopped the impetus for an uprising.

Because of the backgrounds of the various groups of refuges there are symbols for Jewish Christian and Muslim religions on buildings, sculptures and gates and fences. (my fence photo with these on wasn't up to scratch!)

Had to have at least one plant photo!

Then it was into the underground and off to Camden Town to the markets, with time for lunch first.

The markets seem to be taking over the whole town. They are massive. In the streets there are so many stalls that 3D advertising is increasingly going onto the second floor level.

my favourite part of these markets are the horse stables. We didn't get right in, but far enough to see a lot of the sculptures.

WE did a lot of looking but very little shopping, though Bevan did benefit; he now has another hemp shirt AND some bamboo undies!

Then a long trip back to Fleet after collecting our luggage from Earls Court. We didn't jag any express trains, and it was peak hour so for one leg of the journey we stood all the way.

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