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Modern sugar grinding

Alice and the Pacific

Tom and the Pacific

Crocodile River”

Crocodile River”

Blue ropes and spider monkey

At the Mexican Restaurant


Up at 7:00 and Alice and Veronica play with the hotel’s dogs. We have breakfast and pack up. Stop in at the sugar refinery the Quakers established some time ago. Interesting to see all the machines doing all the stuff that we saw done by hand (and ox) yesterday. Then a very long and bumpy van ride. Guide said there was a huge debate about whether they should pave the road – more tourists but more development.

On the road we descended down the mountains toward the Pacific. We got our first glimpse of the ocean from quite far away – several nice stopping points along the way. One in particular was called “Crocodile River” where many crocodiles were resting on the shore below a long bridge. Big tourist shops at the end of the bridge as well. We arrived in Quepos about 4:00 and were struck by the large number of English language billboards – all advertising homesteads with ocean views!

Hotel was OK – Alice and Veronica went swimming. A bunch of squirrel monkeys clattered over the roof and crossed the street on blue ropes. They’re put up so the monkeys don’t have to cross on the electric wires. Then we took a bus downtown but got off too early. Walked about ½ mile through a very poor area with an open sewer next to the street. We ate at a Mexican restaurant (!) and Alice had a coke instead of her normal orange Fanta.

We took the bus back to the hotel – and it was very hot. Veronica used my computer to download some music – took about 30 minutes for one song! Ended the evening by doing some school work. At least the rooms were cool.

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