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Russian Orthodox Church, Nikolaevsk

Juvenile Northwestern Crow, Anchor Point

Up close...

Alaska Spirea

Mystery Flower

Date: July 8, 2013

Tonight’s Location: Homer, AK

Weather: partly cloudy – a few sun breaks

Temperature: start 45º

High 57º

Wildlife count: Moose, Sea Otter

Year List: 257

Birds: Red-necked Grebe, Mallard w/ducklings, Lesser Scaup, Northwestern Crow, Common Raven, Bald Eagle, Swainson’s & Hermit Thrush, Wilson’s Snipe, Glaucous-winged Gull, Herring Gull, Common Loon, Black-legged Kittiwake, Common Murre, Yellow-rumped Warbler

We were up early and had our laundry started before 7 am. Whew! Came back, enjoyed breakfast, ironed our uniform shirts while John folded, and then we cleaned the camper. We have company coming, so all has to be ready. 

The weather was getting lovely, so we checked the spit, had a bite of lunch and then drove out North Fork Road checking for birds. We also checked out the Old Believer’s town of Nikolaevsk to see if what we have been telling guests is correct, and we were right – there is a café there and it is open.

The sun was coming out as we came into Anchor Point and drove down to the launch – those guys on the launch have an extremely dangerous job – to connect an incoming boat to its trailer when the boat comes flying onto that trailer in the water, all the while the tractor is moving! I’m sure that they get wet as well, and that water is around 45°.

Driving through the campground, we couldn’t resist stopping in the picnic area, just in time to see a juvenile Northwestern Crow sitting on the picnic table screaming for food, as only a huge baby crow can scream. The entire beach was also littered with dozens of this year’s gull chicks. There is new life starting everywhere!

As we drove past Baycrest, the beautiful overlook at the very high entrance to Kachemak Bay, the clouds closed in and there was drizzle. We drove back out to the spit to check for returning shorebirds, but didn’t see any.

Dinner was grilled chicken, salad and a grilled tortilla. We watched a video entitled, “Alaska’s Grizzlies.”

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