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The Bear sign

hotel..from a bad angle

At the back (where the stables would have been)

my room

house for sale

a twitten

King Edward V11


Flint Stone house wall

at the cross roads

I found this pub on the internet. Not the cheapest Ive had but the best I could find near Southport. Train services in both directions were good.

It had the worst service of anywhere I've been. Not baqd. in fact they did everything they should. But there was none of the energy and enthusiasm of other places. When I booked in the girl at the desk said "room 18" and pointed to a door with 6 steps visible behind. So off I went. There was a bend and a door; more steps; more landings; passages; more doors and more steps. Even after I opened my door, four more steps!

FIFTY steps to get to my room. There were a few times on the narrower steps of last stretch that I thought both the case and I would go careering back down again!

When I mentioned the next day that when she had pointed to the door, I thought that was it, 6 steps. She said without turning a hair" oh yes, you're at the top"

A fellow lodger carried my case down this morning.

Havant (pronounced "haven't') is a town were there were stage coaches. Queen Victoria stopped here to have her horses changed on the3 way to Portsmouth 9she had sent horses, 4 greys, ahead. She didn't get out. She didn't speak to anyone. But its still a noteworthy event!

I walked around and as always there3 are some points of interest.

Which is a bit like "betwixt and between" a very narrow lane enabling you to get through to places at the back. A twitten in Chichester lead to an Art Gallery. You would need to be in the know!

Edward V11 on throne for 11 months. In that time this post office was built and has his insignia on it. I bet they wished the building had been delayed just a little. OR did it bring them attention?

like the flowers, there is always a sculpture or two to be found.

Flint stone houses have mortar of crushed rock/sand. When the flint isn’t crushed totally this is the effect. It looks ‘prettier” would it have been regarded as better, or just lazy? Somewhere I have a photo of a whole house. But I'm sure you can picture one.

AT the centre of town, there were two main coach routes crossing. So imaginatively North South East and West Street all start from this point.

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