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pre-race state of mind in team outfit

team photo pre-race

strong out of the water performance

these are the waters we braved

a bit slowly at the begining of the 5K

Philip finishing strong!

team picture post-race

snoozing on the train to Copenhagen

self-portrait on the train

train on the ferry - cool

Copenhagen street

changing of the guard - copenhagen

Peter and Z with the elusive free bike

I am happy to report that I have survived the triathlon. Team Seeland (philip, the Olafs, Sven and a few others) had a good race, and I wasn't disappointed. While haven't broken any records, I have finished with a respectable time (as Herr Goddemeyer) and had a great time. The swim was in the small lake-like body of water in the middle of town, followed by a ride through downtown Hamburg, while the run went around the lake again.

As we agreed during the post-race festivities (some may claim the effect of alcohol later), we will all meet next year at the same race, to tackle a Holsten City Man again.

Now we have made it to Copenhagen. It was an early exit from Hamburg, and for some reason the train ticket office could not get us a seat on the train, but after a 10 Euro (ouch) penalty, we were seated. The cool part of the trip was when the train was rolled onto a ferry between Germany and Denmark... It was a short, about 45 minute boat-ride, but pretty cool nonetheless. Blue skies, light winds, sunny, only a viking ship was missing.

Copenhagen so far has been a pretty traveler friendly city. Right outside the train station there is an accommodation-office, where we quickly secured a room in the Selandia Hotel. Dropped the bags, and we were on the way to explore the city. The DAnes promise a Vienna-like bicycle rental system (even better because it is free, with a US5 deposit), but for the alleged 400 bikes, there are 30,000 tourists every weekend. We only saw about 3 bikes altogether, all broken.

Anyway, we made it through the downtown area to Nyhavn (pretty old harbor), after sitting the obligatory rainstorm out in an Irish pub.

We just came back to the hotel after walking back on a different route, the first impressions are of a pretty and friendly town.

On Monday we met Peter, a frined we met in Egypt. He came over to meet us from Lund (Sweden). We spent the day wandering around, somewhat aimlessly, though we managed to see the little mermaid, a couple of palaces/forts and Christiania (unfortunately, it did not amount to much more than a few graffitoed ramshackle buildings, with a couple of t-shirt stands and a hash-stand...)on the way, which is not bad for a day. It was also a nice, sunny day in Copenhagen, a nice change after the last few days of showers and general coolness.

Tegnap megvolt a triathlon - ha az ermes helyezesek sorsat nem is veszelyeztettem, jo verseny volt. Jovore remelem ismet osszejon majd... Szerencsere Mikaela rabeszelt hogy kolcsonozzek egy buvarruhat, igy a 17 fokos viz gyerekjatek volt. A bringa Hamburg legjobb reszein vitt keresztul, meglepetesemre nem en voltam az egyetlen aki turabringan vallalta a versenyt. A futas az also-to (?) korul volt, hala istennek hamar vege volt. Nagyon jo csokit adtak a frissito allomason, vissza is mentem ketszer...

Ma megerkeztunk Koppenhagaba ismet csak egy rovid, 2 napos latogatasra. hideg van, jo ha 15 fok napon... EGy het alatt, majdnem 20 fokos homerseklet kulonbseg...

Elso este setalgattunk a varosban, vasarnap este leven nem sok minden volt nyitva... MIndenesetre jot vacsiztunk egy pizzeriaban, utana pedif megprobaltuk megtalalni az ingyen kolcsonozheto bringakat. 1 oras maszkalas utan mindossze egyet sikerult talalnunk, azt is ules nelkul... Nem ugy mint Becsben, ez az ingyen-bicaj rendszer nem nagyon mukodik a danoknal...

Hetfo reggel egy srac akivel meg Egyiptomban talalkoztunk atjott Svedorszagbol es vele toltottuk a napot. Megneztuk a kis hableanyt (plusz a korulvevo kb 200 turistat), es megkostoltuk a dan halszendvicset (fustolt "butter fish") - nagyon jo.

Kivetelesen az eso sem esett, sot egesz nap sutott a nap, ami az elmult idok zaporai utan udito valtozas. Remeljuk Essen is hasonlo lesz.

Este 7-kor vonatra szalltunk es irany Essen.

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