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Weymouth, its sunny and the deck chairs are out

Is that sand? or white pebbles?

loads of flowers at bus station!

If there is no where else to put them try the guttering

HMS Victory. Nelsons flagship

its portsmouth so pubs have to have connections to ships, or Nelson

The Bear Havant

git a cab to the bus station for the next stage of my trip. The driver loved his city; would have been a good informant on the way in; instead that one just wanted to talk about Perth! however he wasn't enthusiastic about Portsmouth; nothing to see unless you're interested in Naval Architecture. As I was staying at Havant, a little further on, I figured if it was that bad I could find some alternatives.

I have decided I will always take train when available as though the bus stopped every 2 hours for 30 minutes, so the legs could be stretched and toilet stops made, it was still more tiring for me than the train. Couldn't see as much on the roadsides,

BUT must admit, in towns you got further in. SO saw the seaside, and all the entertainment that I guess it is all needed for wet or cold days. But it must make a visit to the beach expensive.

The bus stations themselves were of interest because of the variation. This one was the most beautiful

One would have won on OHS award. Everywhere else we got on and off. Here, when collecting luggage you had to be behind a barrier and there gates for entering and leaving the bus zone. On arrival the bus driver explained where alighting passengers could and couldnt go, and added I don't want to fill out a 2000 page incident report so please follow the rules and don't trip over on anything!

Onto Portsmouth; where Nelsons flagship is sitting out for all to see.

Then onto a train for Havant. (no particular reason other than it came up on and accommodation looked OK and cheaper than Portsmouth).

The plan for today was to go back to Portsmouth, which I did. ADN discovered that most of the attractions were all in one area AND you had to queue for tickets. Have no idea how much they would have cost but after being in the long, long queue for a while and moving forward at snails pace, I decided maybe I wasn't that interested! SO after a bit of a walk around I trained it back to Havant, and watched the Women's Wimbledon final and had a long siesta.

I had thought maybe id try to get into the queue early tomorrow, but then there would still be bucket loads of people so I've changed the plan to going to Chichester for the day. On Monday I'll have more of a look around here. The Bear, which is where I'm staying was a coaching station and there may be a few other points of interest.

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