Ginger and Ed's Alaska Trip 2013 travel blog

Muncho Lake

Laird Hot Springs

Ahh, yes

Do you see a Moose?

Yukon and moving along!

Sign Post Villsge

Holding our caravan sign with all our names to post

Great Continental Divide

Looking out over the Divide

Such beauty!


Whitehorse Fish Ladder/Hydro Dam

Mike & Dianna Clark from Texas

SS Klondike

World's Largest Weather Vane

June 25 Watson Lake and the Laird River parallels each other. We did not see any wildlife here or do any fishing. We did go to the Sign post Village and took many pictures. All of us wearing our rain gear. Rain does not stop a caravan of fun loving excited people. Our super Trail-gunners, Mike and Ann made a sign for all of us as we didn't think that far ahead to bring a license plate from our State or make our own sign. So, we are represented at the Sign Post Village. A few of us have had our parents go here and post a sign many years back. So that was cool.

This was where we started having computer problems. And we had lousy WiFi several places we have camped. So, we may have some things out of order but you can see some of this beautiful country we are traveling.

June 26 Travel to Teslin Lake 161.7 miles. We like these nice short days of driving as we usually are up for coffee and on the road early. Some days we have a 6 hour drive and that makes a full 8 hour day. Long for us retired folks. We stopped to see if some folks, (not of our caravan), but looked like they were having trouble. When Ed got out to check he said they had a flat tire. This was on a big motorcoach. Then he discovered we also had another flat tire. That makes 2 so far. But we had about 3-4 other rigs stop from our caravan to see if we were OK? That's the beauty of traveling together with someone. Ed got our flat fixed and helped the other folks and we were back on the road. We went by the Great Continental Divide and had to stop of course. We saw no wildlife.

That evening in camp, we had a wine and cheese/snaks party. The real people came out of the shells and it was hysterical.

June 27 At Whitehorse for 3 days. Great! We toured the SS Klondike and old stern wheeler on the bank of the Yukon and 7,000 artifacts on display. Wow! Some kind of amazing as you could feel all they lived and worked through as we sat and pondered and looked at all things.

The Whitehorse Fish Ladder is the world's longest wooden fish ladder. Salmon returning to spawn use this ladder to get past the Whitehorse dam.

The Hydro Dam eliminated both the Whitehorse rapids and the Squaw rapids and formed Schwatka Lake.

June 28 Whitehorse and more fun. A "free day" and Ginger and I decided to go fishing. Down the road from our fishing spot were the float plane tours. One of the planes took off as we were quietly sitting on our spot fishing. A beautiful place and a really neat sight to watch as it went down the river and then came back to take off in front of us. Ginger and Bob are going to do the float plane tour over the glaciers later.

No fish but fun!

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