Our Summer Serving in Homer, Alaska travel blog

Muddy road to Swanson Lakes

Recent markings - perhaps a bear?

Date: July 1, 2013

Tonight’s Location: Homer, AK

Weather: mostly cloudy, some showers

Temperature: start 50º dropped in afternoon to 48

High 57º

Wildlife count: Moose,

Year List: 257

Birds: Bald Eagle, Black-billed Magpie, Varied Thrush, American Robin, Hermit Thrush, Trumpeter Swans, (think we heard a Blackpoll Warbler)

We slept in with the rain dripping on the roof, and relaxed the entire morning. Around 10:30, we decided to drive to Kenai and check out the Swanson Lakes Canoe Trails at Sterling. The rain ended when we got up to Kenai, where we stopped for a Walmart run. We bought sweet corn for dinner that was delicious. We also saw a bin of small watermelons, marked on SALE for $6.98. They had been almost $9. Whoohoo, welcome to Alaska!

We had planned to stop at the Moose is Loose Bakery” for lunch, but they were closed – bummer! So we grabbed a bite at Taco Bell and headed for the lakes – we had canoed Swanson Lakes 3 years ago, with a lot of portages between them, but we knew there was a campground on a lake and a few lakes close to the road. We knew it was about 17 miles out, but at 20 mph, it took a LONG time. That road is muddy gravel after the rain, with lots of washboard ruts, but it was a lovely drive. We stopped at several lakes, viewing swans and thought we heard a lifer, a Blackpoll Warbler, but we could not find it. What we found the most of were mosquitoes! So we didn’t last long at any one place. Mosquitoes seem to find the places where my Deepwoods OFF misses!

A quick stop at Fred Meyers and a fuel fill-up, for $.27 less than Homer – still paid $4.51/gallon. We hit rain as we came through Ninilchik and it looks like it rained all day down here – glad we went – we had some sunshine! Saw an amazing sight around Ninilchik – about 2 dozen Bald Eagles were in flight, soaring into pairs – seeming to fight with each other in flight. None of them locked talons, but came very close. What an aerial flight display! Don’t see THAT many places. A great day.

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