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We've arrived...Isn't it pretty?

A great spot for a wedding for sure!

The sun keeps slipping in and out of the clouds....Nice!

My smart aleck hubby took this of me as I tried to...

Maybe we're in for a small shower?

Nah, sun's out again!

We spotted this pretty little Mallard near the waters edge...

With all of her little duckling's gathered near....Napping at first!

Ahhh, they are waking up now!

One last peek at all of them....I think there were 8, maybe...

Thanks for stopping by :)

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We had a bit of cabin fever this afternoon so decided to take a drive over to one of our favorite scenic lakes here in the Black Hills, Sylvan Lake. It's not far from our campground but there are two others that are closer so we tend to not go there as often as the other two. Especially when there's fishing involved. We purchased our annual State Park pass in order to enter the park while we were at it. Our 2012 pass expired on May 17th. It's so hard to believe that this is our 8th summer spent here in Custer. Some folks wonder if we don't get tired of coming back to the same destination each & every year and the answer is a resounding NO! We love it here!!!

We've befriended a number of the locals and they are a terrific bunch of folks. Many have become very dear friends and we look forward to seeing them each and every summer. On top of that, the weather is amazing! It was 73 degrees today, sunny and beautiful. It's very green and the scenery is so varied and unique. And, there's plenty of wildlife for our viewing pleasure. What more could we ask for???? LOL

Our coming week looks like it will be very full with craft shows, parties, dancing, singing, fireworks and good food. So come back soon and join in the festivities with us!!

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