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Papa Fred getting some "Emily time" with Uncle Josh being silly in...

Emily meets cousin Aidan who states "she's cute!"

Me and Emily and Josh and Beep

Emily enjoying Grandma Susie's yarn store

Jean McDermott with Emily

At the Zanni Family Picnic with my dad's aunts

Exercise time!

"I hate this hat!"

Visiting with my good friend Stacy and newborn daughter Brooke

Hanging out with Stacy's daughters, Toula and Brooke

Toula showing off

I love coming home. I have driven the route from Baltimore to Rochester so many times that I even know where all of the cops hide. I came up after work on Wed and my brother, Merdith, and Emily came up on Thursday. We have been having a relaxing time visiting with family and friends and passing Emily around to be held by everyone. We even made a stop at the infamous "Zanni Family Picnic" and surprised a number of relatives who hadn't seen us in years. I also drove to Auburn to visit my friend Stacy and her newborn baby and 3 year-old daughter...lots of fun. My dad had a cook-out tonight and we had many family members and good friends friends over that we don't get to see very often. Emily was the star of the show. All in all, it has been a great trip.

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