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Nagoya Castle

The river near Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle 2

Old toys and figurines

Japanese masks

The old castle foundation

One of the entrances to the castle

The golden fish

The spiraling stairs going up to the top of the castle

An old fashioned taxi


Old door paintings


Making Nagoya caslte--hauling stones with ropes

A view of Nagoya from the top of the castle

The golden fish--really a killer whale

Garden flowers

Spikes to keep out climbing intruders

Ieyasu, one of the lords of the castle

I've been really behind in my journal updates recently, so I wanted to post this one before I get to my latest journal entry. Japan has a holiday called Golden Week, a week long holiday for everyone in Japan where most public service facilities are shut down. During that week, I went to Nagoya Castle for sightseeing.

Nagoya castle was built back in the 1200's, but it was destroyed in WWII. The castle has been re-built and is still undergoing renovation today. It has seven floors worth of exhibits to look at and is surrounded by small tea houses that contain old toys and masks from ancient Japan.

At the top of the castle, there's a statue known as the golden fish. That's the name people give it, but in reality it's no fish at all. It's a killer whale and it was meant to protect against fires. I had fun explaining this to some of my younger students, as they didn't even know about that.

Anyway, I wanted to post a few pictures from that day as I really did enjoy going to Nagoya castle and seeing the different artifacts. I wish I had gone when the cherry blossoms were still in bloom because there are lots of flowers and trees around the castle that would be incredibly beautiful during the cherry blossom season.

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