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My 'family' disappeared! At dinner time no less :)

Ahhhhh, there they are!

Onyx is busy listening to the thunder and watching the clouds!

They are pretty cool, don't you think?

View toward the street...

Another camper fixing to turn in...We are full!

It's breaking up a bit now...

I think there's a squirrel in the tree...They love to aggravate her,...

So Monday I prepared dinner and both hubby & Onyx had vanished. I went looking for them and discovered they were watching a very interesting sky! So, you know I had to run back into the house to grab the camera. It looked like a beautiful late afternoon 'storm' was brewing but nothing actually materialized. We're enjoying 'our' swing again this year. It's fun to be outside with pretty surroundings and great temperatures!

Tuesday I wasn't feeling well. I'm struggling with my GERD issues and trying to control them with natural supplements and a good eating plan. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling up to our line dance class at all! I'm so sorry Miss Pat but you wouldn't have wanted me falling down in the middle of your class. We will be there with bells on when you return from your rally, promise! Really looking forward to it in fact...Safe travels to you guys and please give our friends a big hug from us.

Today we had breakfast with Brad & Bonnie & then made a run into Rapid. But more on that next time...Night!

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