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We were taken in the bus to a monastery about an hour from Moscow. I good time to doze off even though Julia was giving us some information about the order we were about to visit. I can never stay awake in a bus if I'm sleepy. It is light until so late that it is hard to go to sleep early. The drive was interesting as we passed many wooded areas, mainly birch trees and country homes. Brick bases and timber on the top floor. Closer to Moscow we noticed many new apartmnet blocks, some ok but some not so good. Many are being demolished and rebuild in a more liveable manner. The Monastry we visited was founded in 1345. Sergy of Radonezh was a humble monk who founded the Monastery dedicated to the Holy Trinity and eventually it's founder.

There are many priests living there and many young ones as well. They were all dressed in black and many had interesting long beards and funny hats. I noticed many busy chatting on their mobiles so they are not out of touch with the world. One wonders why in this day and age why so many smart young men choose to take up the cloth? It is such an unnatural way of life. Many had huge corporations so they must have a good cook or may be it is the bread beer!

The churches were lovely but many had scaffolding around them so it was hard to see what they really looked like. It was a restful place with many young women and children and old women who really looked as though they were still living as peasants. The clothes were amazing and the gumboots! Most wore scarves and there was a lot of icon kissing. Their faith is extremely important to many Russians.

We visited and Arts and literary museum which was interesting. We were not allowed to take photos inside one of the really special houses which had an interesting tiled heater but the gardens were lovely. Lots of mozzies. Many brides having photos taken.

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