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Cane fields between Rollingstone & Tully

Butler street Tully

Golden Gumboot

Tully from the Boot

Cane Mill from the Boot

19th-21st June.

Heading to Tully we enjoyed travelling through the sugarcane area. The scenery changed constantly and it is the first time we have seen flower heads on the sugarcane. Sugar crushing is just beginning and we need to be aware of the slower moving vehicles in this area. Big improvements are happening with lots of roadworks along this part of the highway.

After a short break at Cardwell we arrive at Googarra caravan park about 18 kms out of Tully. A small park with a cafe on site and a Tavern a five minute walk. With school holidays commencing and a team meeting it is decided to stay longer here. Not sure how much fishing will be done here for us, lots of crocodiles large ones. One has already been relocated from the boat ramp. Don't trust those sneaky buggers at all especially when they look like logs in the water. There is a campfire every night and we received a newsletter first day here. We can read all about the fishing tales of the fishos. One of the best catches so far has been a spanish mackeral of 12 kilos caught by Margot. Our first night in we decided to try out the Tavern. The meals are quite large but yummy.

Tully lies in the wet tropics where cyclones and monsoon conditions develop at certain times of the year. The average rainfall is 4490mm. The highest recorded in 1950 7,900mm [311 inches.] Average number of rainfall days per year 150. A cyclone shelter has been built on the the outskirts of town. A small town with a population of 2436 Tully was established in 1872 for sugar. While walking around town we enjoyed the aromas from the sugar mill. The giant Golden Gumboot,a monument to the record breaking rains of 1950, when 7.9 metres of rainfall made it the wettest town in Australia. The gumboot contains a spiral staircase and a viewing platform where you get a view of the whole town.

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